RJ Slim Fit Tee Organic Cotton-Black


The VANTOM range of organic smart surf wear is manufactured entirely by sustainable practices, including wind and solar energy with high natural wicking properties, making it perfect for the action man. Durable and big gun rated, the RJ tee comes from the gods, looks divine and feels like heaven on. What more could anyone ask for..’

VANTOM is pleased to announce we have become a partner of APOD with the above RJ tee campaign. APOD is a valuable service to defence families and recognises the great contribution they make to our country. For all our defence fans check out our exclusive deal below on APOD.

Defence life can take a toll on the whole family, especially with members of the family often deployed. Apod provides support to those at home by ensuring they can easily access discounts that support the daily running of the home, as well as make it possible to do those special things as a family – it’s our way of saying thanks for their service.

Partners include: Apple, Sony, Puma, R.M.Williams, Mantra and many more:

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