Riley 100% Organic Bomber Fit-Black

Independent online retailer Vantom is getting set to launch its men’s range of street & surf wear for 2016, offering a range of premium 100% Organic and Australian cotton products. Finding better quality tees, polos, hoodies or jackets anywhere on the planet would be like finding a garden gnome in a Burleigh barrel, according to Vantom Co Founder, Tim Cram.

Tim believes potential surf wear customers, in particular, are searching for a fresh label and new approach to surfwear quality and design. Vantom is the new kid on the block in the surf and street paddock, however, according to Tim, Vantom is positioning itself well to become a potential success story.

‘We would like our clients to feel as happy and proud as we do wearing Vantom apparel.’

Check out the Vantom product range:





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