Couture Meets Streetwear

The brand was born from lifestyle, affliction and self belief. VANTOM is the face of inspiration, determination and strength. No restrictions.

We are innovators in our industry designing each garment with an intense creative passion to be different from the fast fashion lifestyle clothing pack. We are your alternative to minyana mass produced & printed threads. You want styled gear with attitude.. then VANTOM is your brand. Make the switch!


A team that loves to create

VANTOM gear is designed by award winning 'one of a kind' couture designer/s, offering the most unique blend and rad style found anywhere in Australia. In fact our style is so exclusive guys and chicks from all over the world purchase VANTOM threads direct. Yeah we do some fast fashion prints but that's not our go. Most VANTOM apparel is limited by numbers, ripped and stitched. Each piece comes together carefully and is treated and like a work of art.


Are bold strong and fearless

Crew who wear our threads like to make a statement; they’re true patriots. They are thrillseekers who live to surf, skate, drive or ride. They have attitude, are adventurous and like to do fun stuff or impress in the emperors finest cloth. They feel good wearing a bit of wow and even better they’ve supported the local who’s working hard and against the odds designing, handcrafting and/or making their gear in a studio somewhere in Queensland, Australia.



VANTOM gives its customers affordable access to a streetwear garment designed by couture designer/s and the opportunity to own something that makes a statement. If a client wants a product customised or altered its done right here in Australia by us, no questions asked.
VANTOM offers the ultimate one stop clothing experience, a premium product and exceptional customisation service directly to its customers. In fact we go the extra mile by offering a bespoke adaptive streetwear clothing service for people with disabilities. Our adaptive streetwear is Australian designed and made. How many Australian businesses can say they make clothing in Australia anymore...very few if any. We’re bringing it back baby.

VANTOM Co Founder: Tim Cram


VANTOM is an Australian urban designer clothing label specialising in limited edition handcrafted custom streetwear. First surfacing from a classic cliche 'Life is too Short' the label was a passionate discussion point for 8 years that never went anywhere, until a Co Founder had a crisis, then finally it came to light!


VANTOM was a Water (H20), Wheels and Power t shirt concept often discussed over bevvies. The dreaming and chatter went on for years and of course nothing ever happened...then one day a medical situation arose that scared the living bejesus out of a Founder. After this little scare the Founder targeted and got his dream job working in the Australian government.

Sitting on a balcony in Labrador, just 10 weeks after getting his dream job, the Founder expressed to his family how unhappy the job was making him... but how lucky he was to be alive. Again that clothing business came up in conversation, 8 years after first raising it. The following day the Founder saw a picture of a blank t shirt left open on his computer by a family member. He stared long and hard at it thinking to himself that life is pretty damn short. He left the t shirt page open all day periodically looking and dreaming of that clothing business. That evening he knew he was about to take a huge risk, but his mind was made up. The Founder worriedly wrote his resignation that night and sat on it for hours, reading it over and over, wondering whether he was doing the right thing. His finger hovered over the mouse for what seemed an eternity and then he finally clicked. The relief was instantaneous and exhilarating. He starting working on VANTOM the following day. After 8 years of labour VANTOM was finally born! VANTOM is based on the Gold Coast, Australia.


♠ Bold ♠ Strong ♠ Fearless